The point of this article is to tell the world that even though escorts are in a profession where they have to sell their time in order to make a lot of money. People of the world need to understand that it is also a profession where people work hard to make a living. Blonde Birmingham escorts are the most popular, but they for sure need to work harder to live up their horny nature.

“I go by the Benjamin with my clients; I don’t reveal my real name for really obvious reasons. So anyway, I wake up to the call of my manager every day in the morning at 9 am sharp. He always has a list of clients who are interested in me. I get ready and head off to his office, and we thoroughly vet the clients, which means we perform thorough background checks. I absolutely do not meet people who are into very weird of dark things in the bedroom as it thoroughly freaks me out.

I usually meet people who just want the generic boyfriend experience. Since I am bisexual, I enjoy the company of all my clients. I find myself choosing more male clients over female clients because male clients tend to be more in number when it comes to requests and also they are incredibly easy to please. I am not lazy, I do like a challenge, but it is easy to please a man sexually. With a woman, it takes more time and effort, so I tend to charge more — some of them back out after learning the price. I don’t negotiate; I don’t overcharge either. After so many years in this line of work, I have learnt a thing or two.

So after choosing the client for the day, I call them up and have a conversation on the phone, if I vibe well with them I agree to meet them whenever they want, 4 days from the day of the call. They usually choose the very same day, but in the night which is indeed very obvious. It actually works out great for my schedule indeed.

After finishing the calls, I head out to my friend’s house where we have some lunch and play together on the PS4 or XBOX ONE. We also play basketball for an hour, which is indeed great cardio for me; later we go to the gym and spend around 3 hours there. After that, I head to my house to get ready for my client.

Depending on where we agreed to meet, I dress up well for my clients, I love to make an entrance, and I love it when they compliment me. And that’s about it, I meet them, and most of the time we have a beautiful experience, many of them ask me to spend the night, but I usually finish up with the client, and head home around 3 am.